Project List

Experience Manager: Admin Tool

Helped create and maintain UIEvolution's Experience Manager administrative interface.

Holland America / Princess Cruise Lines: Location App

Created the Holland America / Princess Cruise Line Ship Location App

Shatter Island: Landing Page

Developed landing page for Shatter Island to spec in <8 hours.

Experience Manager: Guest Services

Created guest services application for TV displays using AngularJS.

General Motors / Subaru: iHeartRadio - In-Car Application

Helped create the in-car radio application for iHeartRadio, for Subaru and GM head units.

General Motors: National Public Radio - In-Car Application

Helped create the in-car radio application for National Public Radio (NPR), for GM head units. - Mobile Version

Worked as part of a team to develop the mobile version of, using Bootstrap 3 as a base. We maintained the existing desktop user experience while converting their table-based layout to a responsive div-based layout, based on the design documents given to us by TireBuyer.

Link: - Online platform for farm-direct tea

Developed from scratch in Ruby using Sinatra and Datamapper, MVC pattern. Maintained and upgraded existing e-commerce site that was built using PHP (Laravel + MongoDB). System features include: Auction Platform, E-Commerce Platform, Subscription Billing, Tea Flavor Reviews, Bitcoin Payment Option


Featured: Tealet Ruffles Feathers with Bitcoin Announcement

Hawaiian Airlines - Retroactive Miles Automation

Wrote the business requirements and developed the proof of concept program using Python, and later ported to Ruby. Proof of concept program saved >$100k in labor costs by automating a 400 second process (x200-300 request per day). Used Python to process retroactive mileage request emails against post-flight database. Functionality allowed processing multiple airline requests: HA-HA/HA-AA/HA-B6/HA-OCB/HA-VX/HA-VS/HA-NH (7 different airline retroactive miles).


Hawaiian Airlines - Incident Tracker

Built using Google App Engine and Web2Py (Python). When managing the outsourced agents, we needed a way to track call drivers on an ad-hoc basis. This call tracker was built to track call drivers in order to quickly identify and correct service issues being encountered by customers.


University of Hawaii at Manoa - LDAP / CAS UH Manoa Login Integration

Built using PHP. UH Manoa has two seperate login systems, based on LDAP and CAS. This program logged a university member in by authenticating against both systems.


University of Hawaii at Manoa - Course Tracker

Built using PHP. Students wanting to register for a full course would use the program to periodically check on the course to see if there were any openings. The program would periodically scrape the UH website and send an email if a seat opened up. Defunct, as UH Manoa now allows students to request the course via waitlist.

Torrent Proxy

Some ISPs (UH Manoa) block downloading .torrent files, even if they are for completely legitimate downloads (Ubuntu ISO torrents). Use this tool to get around that block.


Plumeria Image Sorter

Image sorter built using Delphi. Useful for sorting large amounts of images in a short amount of time (such as pictures downloaded off of image boards). Allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to certain folders, allowing one-key-press sorting of your images.


Zune Playlist Generator

Batch file that allows you to build Zune playlists from a folder of music files. Surprisingly, this functionality did not exist a at the time.